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About 65% of companies say phone calls are their highest quality lead source.


How it works:

 Initial Immersion

Our Call Listening Professionals (CLP) review calls for a period of time, learning the current lay of the Customer Service Rep (CSR) team. We create individual profiles, cataloging our findings in each profile. We then look for overarching patterns & identify both best practices & improvement areas. We create a team-wide plan with measurable goals & timelines & individual plans for each CSR.

On-Going Improvement

During the course of grading, when a call presents with a trainable opportunity, our CLP will relay that information to the designated contact. The CLP produces a synopsis of the call, notes, & caller information & gives a brief explanation for why this particular call is being sent over. We then offer an alternative call script to train the CSR who took the call, & can then measure the CSR’s implantation of the new script in future calls.

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The Payoff

Using these methods, we can record the current performance of the CSR team, create & implement a training schedule, & monitor, measure, & recognize the CSR team’s overall performance as well as individual milestones. We are able to see the training in action – allowing us to grade the response from the CSR team, measure the improvements in performance, & see the increase in revenue production as a result of the training provided by iLeads.

The communication between the CLP & the CSR team is constant, with ALL CALLS being reviewed by a real person, with the expertise of iLeads Media behind each one. Communication is happening throughout the day, with performance improvement training possible at all times, & when there can be guidance given, our CLP team will provide in near real-time, the information to the CSR & the client.

Revenue Recovery

Please note this CSR training is in ADDITION to the Revenue Recovery service. We provide potentially lost leads directly to our clients for follow-up. This has allowed our clients, who have participated in this program, to recover & save thousands of dollars in what would have been lost revenue & gain that invaluable new customer to their business, which can fuel referrals & repeat revenue for years to come.

Call listening may be a game changer for your business.

What they get:

Get to know your customer’s & employee’s behaviors.


Improved bottom lines & an increased value-per-hour out of their CSR’s from this positive training program. 

Make your marketing dollar go up as far as possible by improving what happens when those leads come in, how they’re handled, & how often they close the deal. 

Call Listening & Lead Capture Service is automatically part of the program. This service can be selected ala carte, starting at $1,000 monthly. 

They get a professional experienced team to work both corporately & 1-on-1 with CSR’s to measure CSR performance & provide a Performance Improvement Plan for each CSR. 


What kind of training:

Their people get a customized performance plan, based on the company’s KPI’s as a whole, as well as the KPI’s for improvement for that individual rep. They are given CSR best practices from around the industry, call scripts, as well as sales challenges & game ideas for management to increase CSR participation & increase booking percentages, customer satisfaction, setting the tech up for success before the tech is on-site, etc. It will be based on the company’s unique situation & improvement areas. 

Measurement through live training, recorded call-listening & game tape review sessions with the CSR’s, to monitor progress along the performance plan timeline. They are group pieces of training to relay information that is all for CSR’s, 1-on-1 training, as well as smaller specialty CSR team training (outbound vs. inbound, HVAC CSR team vs. Plumbing CSR team, etc.) 

Get ready for our call center training program & start recouping even more with our call center rep performance!

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