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If you’re tired of getting bombarded by TV & radio reps, send them to us.

Everyone loves negotiating with mass media vendors and checking their post-logs to ensure everything ran – right?? When it comes to mass media, you can assure that our team will develop unique packages and for a better price. TV and radio reps are limited in the packages they can offer to you. We can break through those barriers and get you more for your money. Stand out with our non traditional media buying.

There is absolutely an advantage to having everything handled under one roof – if that roof is as capable as ileads media. The arduous, yet necessitated task, of working with the different medias, stations, channels, and more, can fall on our shoulders and not yours. We are also able to have Campaigns & Creatives be congruent across all solutions, beginning to end – all without YOU having to coordinate 17 schedules across 3 time zones and 298 channels.

Yes, it really can be that easy – let us show you!

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