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Anyone can set up a paid search campaign and spend your money, but is it on autopilot?

We find that 90% of our new clients’ campaigns were set on autopilot for months with no changes before we arrived. This vital piece of the marketing puzzle that changes constantly and ileads media is fully invested in delivering the best solution in the business. Our SEM engineers use NASA-grade technology to monitor and optimize your campaigns and keywords every 30-minutes. We provide the highest quality leads at the lowest cost per acquisition.

Add that to the fact that the SEM campaign will be in lockstep with the rest of the marketing, and our clients get to enjoy highly effective programs with solutions that compliment and build upon one another. When you’re investing in mass media and other marketing platforms, paid search ensures you’re there when your customers are ready to purchase.

We can help tie your marketing channels back to generated revenue, our clients are secure and free to concentrate on doing what they love – serving their customers!

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